During the seven years spent with glassware décor a lot of interesting and sensitive stories have been occurred. Today I will share few of them related with weddings so you will be acquainted with my approach to this sphere, which I would rather call a colourful journey of my life.

In this busy world, it seems, there are fewer traditions, relics, which are passed down from generation to generation - the special things, which we keep and cherish for years. The family fireside, wedding rings and memories overlaid in photos or videos become our marriage’s reminders. Wedding glasses - an important attribute of the wedding, even the relic, which accompanies the newlyweds not only during a solemn day of their life, but next to the rings, the family fireside, becomes the focus of its long-lasting symbol reminiscent of this wonderful day. Many newlyweds', glasses decorated by me, use not only once - fill them with champagne over each wedding anniversary and all other special occasions of their growing family. 

Let’s review and check few ideas of decorated toasting flutes.
WHITE CLASIC. White wedding colour is crowned not quite unnecessarily. It is a charming and graceful, and the symbolic meaning of the sacrament of marriage reflects. Not for nothing, many newlyweds are looking for a white decorated toasting flutes.
SHINY ONES. Swarovski crystals decorated glasses also are on top for royal, shiny weddings. The initials, ornaments on the glasses, apparently, has already become a classic, because they never go out of fashion.

 PERSONALIZED IDEAS. We are used to see the engraved initials, date or “Mr. and Mrs” sings. It is standard and normal. But there is something special, when you can join wedding symbols, accents on the special way. These are few samples how unique and really personalized ideas look like on engraved glass. Special example with elephants hanging initials on their trunks. Weddings was held on the island of Bali, so newlyweds asked to combine special symbols – elephants, lotus flowers, initials and the date. I suggested to do it on this engraving way.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS. Decorated glasses - a great gift not only to the first weddings. It is very gratifying when clients applies to create décor for silver, coral, ruby wedding anniversary. Particularly sensitive when I am asked to decorate glasses for golden wedding anniversary. It is special – can you imagine two persons who spent 50 years together? Oh… My eyes fills with tears. One more of the most memorable situations was sensitive and a pleasant surprise to wife. A few years ago man, who often likes doing surprises for his wife, asked me to design décor for champagne glass for "1000 days" after the wedding anniversary. Even more astonishing thing was when after year and a half, he come back asking to do something special for 2000 days' flute. Romantic men actually occurs! Love inspires.

ABOUT PROCESS or how it sees the light of day. For creating special relics it is important emotional and personal relationship. So, before starting decorate, I always try to learn more about future newlyweds, their accents of feast. People always evaluate individual decoration, where one rejoices engraved motifs or initials, for other Swarovski crystal gloss, amber combinations are more acceptable. Different people, their desires - this is what inspires. It is gratifying that each pair of glasses is always something unique. Only for that couple all thoughts and expression are given. Very often people ask where they can see more examples of SJdecoLT decorated glasses. But as I say, the glasses are not stored - just decorated they go out to their hosts. Sometimes they are even not captured because it is agreed to protect the uniqueness of the decor.

RECOMMENDATIONS. Wedding planners and decorators should also pay attention to the décor of toasting flutes, even if newlyweds decided to take care of it by themselves. It is important to remind the newlyweds that they should pay attention on decoration of glasses should be consistent to the feast as a whole. Decorated wedding glasses choice is wide enough - from decorated with live flowers, decorated with symbolic wedding colour ribbons, to mass-production method examples. However, it is encouraging that the recent wedding planners and decorators, newlyweds - both witnesses who take care of these attributes, assess the individual and not “one day” décor. They understand that this is a great idea to commemorate the wedding day experiences and moments of a celebration of exclusivity and distinctive charm in another way.
Be welcome to visit SJdecoLT shop and check more examples of wedding glasses.

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