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We would like to share one of our team members with a great desire :) Here is Mindaugas story and his wonderful leather products in StitchLeatherGoods SHOP.
Stitch Leather Goods started in early 2015 from a desire to create a quality physical product. I've been looking for an outlet to my creative ideas for a very long time. My day job and the product I made were mostly intellectual, with nothing physical to show, touch, and hold in hands. One morning I decided that enough is enough and I want to follow my dream of having a handmade goods business. Leather seemed like a natural choice and thus Stitch Leather Goods was born. The initial reception was so good and rewarding, that I decided to quit my job and focus 100% on building a business that will prosper.
 Every item is produced by hand, with no two items being identical. I measure the leather, I cut the leather, I punch the leather, I sew the leather. I do everything myself, by hand, in my atelier. You can see a lot of my "making of" videos on Instagram and Facebook.
All designs are made by me. I start with a prototype that I use myself before pushing it into production. I source my materials from all over Europe. Only the highest quality leathers are used in my products – I don't deal with genuine leather – my goods are made from full-grain leather and will last many many years, they will age beautifully and you'll be able to pass them on to you children on their wedding day. It's the best kind of investment you can make.
 When you run a small business by yourself, you never really stop thinking about it, even after the office hours. Thus I sometimes find myself working late at night, researching, planning, making sure that everything is perfect. But when I'm not, you can usually find me in a local skate park (Fælledparken), grilling or taking a jog around the neighborhood I live in. Living in Copenhagen has been rewarding on so many levels and I love every second of it.

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